Monday, November 17, 2008


The ultimate goal of liberationism is to create a society where an individual is free to lead his or her own life. Individuality and freedom are words often used by the leaders of men, but they have yet to find their true expression in our world. The liberationism organization exists to provide resources, ideas, and collaberation for anyone with our goals.

The obvious question is "How will it work?" Changing the hegemonic states watching over the world would be impossible from within. We plan on building seasteads in international waters and practicing self governance. In order to protect outselves from potential threats and promote tourism, we will build off the coasts of the current world powers, as well as other locations. As a further method of defense, we will host the worlds most popular and most useful websites within our boundaries. Lastly and most importantly, we will not force our ideals upon or attack and seperate nation.

The colony will be run as a transparent corporate entity. All official meetings and trials will be recorded and put on public record viewable by anyone. The rights of liberated citizens are to be upheld by all. Any individual infringing upon the rights of other citizens will be exiled. In the case of infringement upon property, a judge and jury will decide whether counseling and public service are appropriate reprimand. All exiles will be provided with a severance survival package and be transported wherever they wish, if their wish is possible and within reason. The colony will also own and protect an uncivilized area with plenty of wild growing food and natural shelter
for any exiles that are not accepted by seperate nations.

The bill of liberated citizen rights:
Freedom of speech
Freedom of assembly
Freedom to a public trial
Freedom to defend yourself from bodily harm
Freedom over your body and what you put in it

The colonies, by nature of their profitable status will provide the
following for colonial citizens:
Free food
Free water
Free healthcare
Free education
Free internet
Free transportation within the colony
Free Shelter
A job